Monday, 2 August 2010


Inter Zapresic and Istra Pula will currently be cursing HNS decision to cut the league to 12 next season. Both teams are without victory at the start of the new campaign and occupy two of the bottom 5 relegation spots. Both teams should have finance to draw upon, but investment is not being made by Istra into the team, whilst Zapresic seem to recruiting the wrong players. Former staff who seem suited to Zapresic such as Miroslav Saric (pictured), Dodo, Mario Grgurovic and Ilija Sivonjic have gone and Serbian Nenad Nikolic, Montenegrin Sasa Balic and Albanian Arber Aliabajaj have arrived without making any great impression.

It would appear Zapresic need a hand from Dinamo in order to stand any chance of avoiding relegation. Fortunately Albanian players are easy to offload back to their home country so if Aliabajaj does not succeed there will be a new home for him. Dinamo are currently looking for a new destination for Dodo, whilst Ilija Sivonjic could also return if Dinamo sign another striker. Coincidently Grgurovic and Saric are both still free agents and the team has struggled since their departure.

Cibalia however are not satisfied with their lack of creativity in midfield and could look at Saric as well as Srebrenko Posavec. Nobody's problems are as worse as Istra however who have sacked coach Ante Mise and are expected to replace him with Branko Karacic. Istra also will however a new keeper with Josip Skoric arriving from NK Zagreb.