Friday, 13 August 2010


HNK Sibenik continue to revamp their squad as they make up for lost time in replacing Ermin Zec, Arjan Ademi, Igor Budisa and Velimir Vidic. Sibenik recieved ample money from Zec and Ademi to recruit new playing staff however deals are only just being reached with their prize targets.

Medimurje defenders Daniel Georgievski and Amauri Vicente were first to arrive. Next to follow with Hajduk Split defender Ante Aracic and today Sibenik announced the signed of Zagreb midfielder Marko Kartelo. Two more players are expected to arrive next week. Mario Juric is likely to be one of them. Sibenik certainly need a striker having lost Senid Kulacic, Kresimir Makarin, Jusuf Dajic as well as Zec. Juric, at 33 may not be able to make a huge difference in attack, but could be a useful squad member.

It isn't known who the other recruit will be. However potential additions could be Medimurje's Eliomar or Croatia Sesvete attacker Marko Guja. Sibenik ideally could do with using some of their finance to acquire a number 9. A loan move for Dinamo Zagreb's Dodo or paying out of Istra's Asim Sehic for example could work out.