Wednesday, 21 July 2010


NK Zagreb will start the new season without Davor Vugrinec and Stjepan Babic as both players signed up to new clubs this week. Star striker Vugrinec has joined Varazdin, whilst Babic made a surprise switch to Inter Zapresic.

Vugrinec and Babic, will joined Josip Stojkic, Marko Kartelo, Goran Ljubojevic, Marin Vidosevic and Marin Skender in leaving the club. Zagreb coach Ivo Susak will have to put his faith in youth and much of last season's squad which got off to a horrific start in HNL1. Zagreb will be granted permission to make new signings as their squad is extremely small. Ivan Kristanovic (pictured) will be forced to lead the burden in attack until Zagreb find a striker. Susak is desperate for experienced forwards to replace Ljubojevic and Vugrinec.

Zagreb can only purchase free agents and there pool of options is becoming less as players look to find new destinations. Dario Zahora, Tomislav Sokota, Karlo Primorac and Miroslav Saric are however still available. Zahora and Primorac would be the most sellable assets, whilst Sokota is capable of filling the role left by Vugrinec. Zagreb's problem is persuading such players to fit into the wage structure. In this case Karlo Primorac would be the most comfortable fit. Zahora and Miroslav Saric have been on trial with Debrecen and Bucaspor but it would seem they have been unsuccessful in winning a contract.

Whilst Zagreb are floudering, Istra Pula are finally getting it together with Bosnian international Emir Hadzic set to sign from Greek second division side Panetilokis. Hadzic scored just once in Greece, but was more impressive during two spells in Bosnia Herzegovina with FK Sarajevo and Celik Zenica where he scored nearly 50 goals. Istra also confirmed Asim Sehic and Marijan Markovic will be stayed, soon to be joined by Vedran Nikisic who has fallen out of favour at Osijek.