Thursday, 2 September 2010


Hrvatski Dragovoljac appeared to go missing during the transfer window despite their position in the relegation zone of HNL1. It could be that Davor Mladina's men have conceded that it is too soon for life in Croatia's top flight and are not interested in sacrificing the clubs long term future.

Thus far Dragovoljac have looked to youngster Velimir Svaric, Nikola Kovacevic and Nikola Frzjulec to aid there striking issues. Mladina however was calling for experience, but it appears Dragovoljac don't have the wage structure to take in influential players. The club has to sign from the free agent market so could still recruit.

One experienced attacker may aid them. Such a player as Mario Juric, formerly of Slaven Belupo could have something to offer them. Juric is at the back end of his career and is more likely to consider a small wage. Its likely such players as Miroslav Saric, Marko Maric and Mario Grgurovic can obtain better offers. However Gordan Golik needs a employer as there is no room in Varazdin and would do a good job as a enforcer in midfield.