Saturday, 5 December 2009


During the past week i've been impressed by a Ukrainian born Jewish boxer from Brooklyn, United States named Dmitriy Salita. Tonight he lost out in demoralising fashion to English boxer Amir Khan who took just the first round to defeat Salita. Hopefully this is not the end for Salita, but like Khan's defeat to Bredis Prescott galvanises him for the future. It was noticable the anomosity to Salita fighting in Newcastle who are always partizan towards home sportsman. Khan is also on the cressed of a wave having become world Champion and having defeated a great in Marco Antonio Barrera as well as Andreas Kotelnik to win the WBA International title. Perhaps Salita is in need of such victories to build his own confidence.

Salita's attempt to show Jewish faith in a positive light has been impressive as well as the way he has overcome the difficulties of immigration from a difficult upbringing as a Jew living in Ukraine. Besides losing his mother to cancer. If nothing else the fight with Khan has raised the profile of Salita who may not have been so well known before. Hopefully Salita re-emerges from this loss to a outstanding fighter who may go on to bigger and better things in 2010.